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Reformer or Mat Private Training:

A personalized program just for you! Private classes help you work toward your goals with a targeted program that suits your body and needs. They are ideal if you are recovering from an injury, need help before or after surgery, or want something specialized. They are also great if you are new to Pilates to help you get started and set up for success.


Reformer or Mat Semi-Private Training:

Workout with a friend or partner! Semi-private classes provide some personalized attention to help you work toward your goals with a buddy. These are a great way to get a slightly more targeted program, and have fun with a friend!


Reformer Classes

Our small group reformer classes provide some personalized attention, allow  and delve deep into the fundamentals of Pilates and functional movement. The dynamic resistance from the reformer machine will challenge your core and help you build strength and flexibility.

Our mat classes pack a punch for your core! Targeted exercises help you gain control, strength, power and flexibility. You will feel stronger as we build up to more complex exercises with added challenges for your whole body.

Reformer Pilates for Men with Vivian:

A class specifically for men developed to improve posture , flexibility and strength . The focus will be on strengthening the core , lengthening the spine and freeing up the hips and shoulder creating a more fluid frame. Spring into spring with more confidence , strength and control. Challenge the mind and find rewards in your core .


Mat Classes

Beginner Mat Class:
In this basic level mat class you will focus on the foundations, find your ‘core’ and work up to more challenging exercises.


Intermediate Mat Class:
In this intermediate level mat class exercises are more complex, balance is challenged, and your endurance is tested.


Restorative Mat Class:
In this restorative mat class we will slow down and use modified exercises and props to leave you feeling released and strong.


 Reformer & Mat Pilates Classes
Gyro Kinesis Classes

Gyrokinesis is a class that was first created by Julio Horavath. It is the chair , mat version of gyrotonic.

Gyrokinesis is a movement that was inspired by chi Qing, kundalini yoga and dance medicine. It ‘s aim is to work all body movement through the spine creating arch’s and curls, diagonal interplay through the shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle. Rotation. Lateral side lines. Exploring internal and external rotation in the joints and lengthen and stretching the energy through the spine. The result is a blend of breathing, seated exercises moving onto floor movements finally into standing work. Resulting into a very fluid and expansive movement.


If you love Pilates and want a new challenge Gyrokinesis may be the answer .


QiGong prescription exercises are good for all levels of fitness and ability. We will start with basic forms, get to know them well, and progress at your own pace. It’s better to do a little every day as it takes time and persistence to open up your meridians and encourage Qi flow. You can expect to feel more energetic and healthy as well as see your memory and concentration improve, and your sleep become deeper and more restful.


Bring water and a Yoga mat to class.


Calm yourself. Bring your mind and your body to the exercise. Enter a place of peace and quiet inside yourself. Welcome to Medical Qigong – Promoting Health through Breath, Meditation, and Movement!

Medical Qigong Classes

Cancellation Policy:  24 hours notice is required in order to avoid charges. 

Missed classes can be made up, depending on available space or can be applied to a one to one session.

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