Medical Qigong Classes

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art involving meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises. The routines were designed to help your circulation, balance, and alignment, restore your chi (energy), lower stress, ease anxiety, boost the immune system and overall organ health. Classes incorporate both stillness and gentle movements.

Quan Yin Qigong



The focus of the Quan Yin classes is compassion.

Quan Yin is all about love, heart, being gentle, patient, soothing, to ourselves, others and the planet.


Bone Health Qigong


Bone health is an integral part of each being. As we age, bones can become brittle. It is through this series of classes that one can build up bone density, aid in strengthening them. 

Brain Health Qigong


The brain is our many headquarters where from which all our messages are sent and recieved. Just like any muscle it is crutial to keep our minds active. 
Through this series of brain focused classes, we aid in bettering circulation, bring in more oxygen to feed the brain and follow a set of movements that stimulate its functions.

Cancellation Policy:  24 hours notice is required in order to avoid charges. 

Missed classes can be made up, depending on available space or can be applied to a one to one session.

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